Which PORT is not necessary and can be deleted

I’m using the cyberpanel to host my site ONLY… I don’t intend to use an email server or DNS. based on that:

  1. What port I can disable on the CSF firewall which is not needed, like 465, 993, or 995? and please advise which ones I should keep for OpenLiteSpeed and http/s… knowing no emails and no DNS.

  2. Shall I remove those ports mentioned in step 1, from TCP in/out and UDP in/out?

The ports you need for website only:

443 → to use https
8090 → to access cyberpanel
22 → to ssh to the server (console)
21, 40110:40210 → If you let your users have FTP access. If you are the only person managing the websites, just delete this and use ssh if you wanna edit/upload something.

You can find a full list of ports here for reference:

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Thank you @tmoore
I have modified the ports… These port I did not understand whether they are needed or not?! Please help! shall keep or delete those?

113, Ident, authentication service/identification protocol
123, Network Time Protocol (NTP)
43, WHOIS protocol
1025, (Teradata) server

123, NTP, is used to sync your server data and time. I have it blocked, my VPS gets the time from the host machine. Depends on your usage.

113, safe to block.
43, safe to block.
1025, I have it blocked, and noticed no side-effect.