Where to subscribe to the test domain feature

Hey! The Test Domain setting seems perfect for staging.

But inside the staging tab and also when I want to deploy a new WordPress I get this notification when I activate “Test Domain”: Looks like you have not subscribed to temporary domain feature,click here for more details.

CyberPanel Test Domain Feature - 04 - Websites - CyberPanel Community is the video presenting this feature, but the comments below it seem to share my issue and no possibility to subscribe to anything.

So far I didn’t find a solution for this, so I hope it’s okay to create this topic in here since this really confuses me.

Nobody else sharing this issue or is there a workaround, I don’t know about :slight_smile:

Welcome @chris15326 Happy you are here

The test domain addon allows you to deploy websites without the need to add DNS records, it allows you to create staging environments, deploy test websites, and much more. Purchase the addon here CyberPanel Add-ons - CyberPanel