Where or how can i find the PHP fileinfo extension in my cyberpanel?

I Can’t find the PHP fileinfo extension in any PHP version. Some help please?

sry i just regular user

if you can get php file info then why you need that info ?
if you need that info then you should understand about php
the simple way you can create file to check fileinfo enable or not… then you can get other info you need.

just be understand this is cyberpanel not cpanel

PHP fileinfo is an extension sir. But it doesn’t exist in the cyberpanel PHP extensions list. Something really bad in cyberpanel…

i know what is fileinfo

after install i never touch anything so…yes… that result came from default installer

thats why i was told you
cyberpanel is not cpanel
and not suitable for someone that never touch core of website or server…
i know that… because im a newbie
never login to ssh lol

<?php if (!function_exists('finfo_file')) { echo ' [ERROR] Fileinfo extension is NOT enabled.'; } else { echo ' [OK] Fileinfo extension is enabled.'; } ?>