Where are the DNS zone .cnf files hosted

Hi Guys,
I was able to find info on this long time ago in the forum or in the docs, but unfortunately I am not able to find it right now. I looked all over the docs and all I am finding is guides on how to create a dns zone from the front-end.

I want to see the files because I have created a lot of unnecessary records and I want to delete them, I cannot do it from the front-end of cyberpanel.

There are is nothing in /etc/named.conf. Nor there are folder in var called named/named.conf.

I am with CentOS 7.




then you should tell here… what you do and what the error…
if you do edit
then every part you must save before edit another colom
pres the save per line…

I appreciate the effort of trying to help, even if I cannot 100% understand what you are saying. But from what I`ve understood, your answer is not the answer I was looking for. What I mean is, not how to change my DNS record in the front-end. But actually where are the config files for the DNS zones in the Cyber panel file system in Linux.


i understand …

and. i understand you want to create zone outside cyberpanel interface
why i still answer you with how to change the zone from cyberpanel interface…?

and i already ask

:slight_smile: this is why we use cyberpanel control panel right ?
to do everything inseide the control panel

forgive me, but :

the correct answer will given to you by your distro help… (support ticket and/or their community support)
even sometimes 1 of us can help you with OS Distro troubleshooting

Better to check cyberpanel database and and the zone records table you will see all data there


I have made a mistake by saying I cannot create records from the front-end. It is not that I cannot, but I don`t want to delete them from there. It is not about creating records, it is about deleting some, because I know that by deleting them from the front-end the CyberPanel back-end is not deleting everything. I just want to clean-up a little bit.

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my apologize …
you can follow this

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Ok I will try it out with the database then.


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