When Let's Encrypt Auto Renews Domain Certificates, Mail Server SSL Certificate Is Not Refreshed

I have Let’s Encrypt set up to auto renew across all of my domains, which has worked correctly so far. However, I recently had a renewal for one of my domains and the web server did not get the refreshed certificate. In other words, CyberPanel does not automatically repull the certificate on the mail server when the certificate is renewed on the currently referenced domain. More specifically, mail.techandtiny.com’s certificate renewed within the last month but the mail server never was refreshed. So, I had to got errors today about SSL being out of date whenever I attempted to send or receive messages. From what I can see in Postfix’s settings, it never points directly to the SSL certificate but rather is handed a copy. As a result, I had to go in manually and re-issue the SSL for the mail server in CyberPanel. I never have had to do this with other web panels. Can you add or fix this feature?


Much appreciated! At least, an email reminder would help a lot. I had users contacting about email issues and this caused about an hour of disruption to their email service.