When i am creating new wbesite its sowing me 500 internal server error

Dear Users,
I am getting some errors "when I click on all websites, there is no preview instead showing an error

“No Screenshot available”
500 Internal Server error

can any one help me with this?

Are your website accessible when you enter your domain? If not, please provide further details so we can help, such as your VPS OS, how it was installed, how you created your website…

Screenshots take a while to appear.

My Website is visible with hostinger basic page.

but when i create website from cyber panel im getting below image.

although, when i clicked on manage → preview the website seems to working nice.

now can you tell me how do i hide the ip address in url?

search forum about this

this feature will removed soon
just ignore that screenshoot

This preview is taken from static and sometimes statically do not load these.