when adding domain to cyberpanel as admin i get litsepped 404 error page

i setup vps hosting with name control.xxxx.info on DNS server ns1.xxx.info which is registered in godaddy… it worked fine and added dkim , etc and all is ok

now my problem when i created another website through cyberpanel with yyy.com

i set the dns at ns1.xxx.info…

but i get 404 error litespeed not even cyber panel error…

so any ideas what went wrong…??

Try deleting and re-creating the site.

well some how restarting worked :slight_smile: as most of time…

but now when i go to http://yyy.com it shows but http://www.yyy.com i get error , i added A record www and * but yet only without www. is working…

when i check in mxtool , i get dns record not found

after it was fixed on the http://yyy.com and not http://www.yyy.com

now im getting the same 404 litespeed again… website is apptogrow.com

I get 404 not found on both www and without it, can you create a ticket with login details.