What's the current status of the Backup options in CyberPanel?

I am trying to understand the backup options that come with CP.

I found numerous documents on Docs - CyberPanel describing how to back up to DigitalOcean Spaces, Amazon, etc. But they all required using a “platform” service I have discovered cyberpanel.net no long provides.

I see I can select AWS or SFTP as a backup destination in CP 2.0.1.

Is it no longer possible to do backups to DO Spaces?

I also see that new backup options are being added to 2.0.2. I gather that’s not yet considered production ready. Correct?

It would be great to have up-to-date information on the current backup situation with CyberPanel (2.0.1).

Also, if people are doing their backups via Bash, in order to get more destination options, etc., can anyone please share their scripts, or a list of what folders should be backed up (to ensure websites are backed up, as well as the server configuration, and anything else that is important).

Thanks very much.

Also, as far as I could determine, DO Spaces needs to be interacted with via the S3 API. Meaning, there’s not file level access (such as SFTP). It’s all object based.