What to access Cyberpanel via cp.domain1.com and cp.domain2.com

If I have two domains (domain1.com and domain2.com), where my NS records from my registrar Namecheap are pointed to Cloduflare (so that CF can handle everything), what do I need to do in order for both domains to access Cyberpanel via cp.domain1.com and cp.domain2.com?

To be clear: When I go to domain1.com o domain2.com I see the normal website, but when I access cp.domain1.com or cp.domain2.com I get to the same Cyberpanel?

I’ve already have WP with and SSL cert running on them.

  1. Do I need to install another SSL cert for the domain cp.domain1.com and cp.domain2.com?
  2. What specific records to I have to add in CF for this to work?

you mean 1 cyberpanel ? if only one
you can CNAME cp.comain2.com to cp.domain1.com

if different cyberpanel
all you need is only IN A to exact IP where is your cyberpanel Installed and set the host ssl etc etc


It would still be the same Cyberpanel (same server), so a single CP but with two “access points” if you will. So cp.comain1.com and cp.domain2.com would be the same CP.

So would I then have a CNAME record for:

cp.comain1.com_____the server IP

and then later on when I add the other domain2 I add an additional CNAME record


Is that correct?

CNAME is not use IP

can you sent picture about what u want to do ?

what is your goal
what is your primary cyberpanel domain.

My current cyberpanel domain is on the server IP (and I haven’t installed an SSL for the IP). This was the default address of CP after installing it on that server.

When I want to access this Cypberpanel it should be via the address of cp.domain1.com

You want two hostname to access cyberpanel using one server?

Yes, later on if that works. For now, I would like to add cp.domain1.com

what ? two hostname at one server ?

well im out… i cant figure it out