What is the 'www-data' for CyberPanel?

What is the user equivalent for ‘www-data’ in CyberPanel?

I need it for custom apps to chown it. I tried with ‘cyberpanel’ user and also with website user created by CyberPanel (ie ‘nextcloud8787’), but neither of that works.

For installation, I’m using instead of (ie) /var/www/html/nextcloud folder, /home/nextcloud.mydomain.com/nextcloud folder. For succesfull installation, i need to chown as

chown -R nextcloud8787:nextcloud8787 /home/nextcloud.mydomain.com/nextcloud

However, later not working as it looks that I should to use some other user. As I wrote, I tried also with ‘cyberpanel’, but no luck.

Any help?