What is the path of lscache?

I’m running a php application (Craft CMS) on which I’d like to enable Litespeed Cache.

Actually, I can see it is enabled by default (once I added the necessary line to the .htaccess file), as I can see the cache is being HIT on page requests. Also, pages are not updating their content after being modified and saved.

In order for the site to clear the cache, it uses a LS Cache plug-in.

For that plug-in to work I need to know the path to the LS Cache (I presume to the .lscache file), for the website in question. I’ve been unable to find any documentation on this, or posts about it. I’ve searched on the entire server and not found any instances of files called .lscache.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?



So I found out the path is /usr/local/lsws/cachedata/
But that path is not accessible to the host, onto to OLS. Therefore there’s no way for the host (a Wordpress site, or Craft CMS site) to selective remove entries from the cache.
I’ve taken this question up on OLS forum, to get my head around how the LSCache is managed on a host by host basis.

Thanks. I’ll look into another solution.

Thanks for the Read!