What do you think? - CyberSpace Pro Theme

Captures of the theme I’m preparing.

I’ll soon provide a test login so they can help with feedback for style corrections. :slight_smile:

When I’m done, I can share. =)





There are many other details and optimizations in this theme that will leave the interface style black space + darkcode :slight_smile:


Looks good.

I’m preparing an option to upgrade with each new version of CP while maintaining the entire default base. :slight_smile:

Soon I’ll finish, then I’ll share it for you to analyze.

I’m thinking of a more advanced updater by sh instead of just inserting css into the panel. This is easy to do, but needs to be stable and maintain cyberpanel default brand. =)

Right now the current work is all based on css or need any html changes too?

For my personal use I will change html too, but to share, it will be just css, this will avoid any problem or incompatibility. :slight_smile:

But I noticed that the css of the page “Design” has no effect on all areas of Cyberpanel, so they will be updated directly via sh.

This allows in the future, you add a theme selector in addition to the common css page (/base/design), as it currently works. I will plan the best option and then share here for analysis. For now I’m just playing with styles for personal use. =)

If you could make the css of the customization page have an effect on all areas of Cyberpanel, this would solve a full customization. Can you do that for the next update?

ok, let me know if you need any help

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Nice work, where do we sign up for beta?

Hi, this theme is not conventional, it is more advanced and it is not ready yet, as soon as it is finished, it will be sent to the usmannasir to analyze and we will see the best way to make it available.

The idea consists of an option to enable more advanced themes. It will still be evaluated. :slight_smile:


Option with BG x option without BG…

Just remove the BG to have a Full DarkSpace look. :slight_smile:

Some tweaks and improvements…

Wao its coming around nicely.

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I’m happy to contribute, i will soon make more themes, I have another in mind that is the opposite of dark and will be well accepted. Little by little, not to get too many. :slight_smile: