Website displaying a blank page after uploading files to the file manager

I’m new to hosting a website and this is my first time hosting one so I’m sorry if my question isn’t asked in the right place.
I tried to search my question up but couldn’t really find a clear answer, so i hope my question would help some new other users in the future.
So i coded my react website and I uploaded it to the file manager by first uploading the zip file and then extracting it inside public_html but when i accessed my website after that the cyber panel page that says you can now upload you files wasn’t gone so I searched a little more and I found out that I need to move 2 files that I had inside a public folder that is part of my project and move them to public_html and delete the public folder which i did and the page was gone but instead of my website appearing there what was there instead is a blank page (that’s it).

Here is a picture of how my files look like.

Let me know if you need any more information.
Thank you!

have you view your index.html ? edit the file then see what inside the index.html

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this is whats inside it:

seems some errors in file can you share link or show the console


simple troubleshooter

create php file
input some syntax or just echo
then call from browser

if we talk CMS, then even official release sometimes not compatible
but if core is ok
then themes and/or plugin must be checked

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I just fixed the errors that were in the index.html, it looks like that now,

@MyIDKaTePe I also created an echo PHP file and i called it from the browser but not sure how to check the themes or the plugins as you said to solve my problem. Im not using Wordpress or anything tho, I coded my website by myself in VS code and used a VPS plan on hostingers. Here is a picture of the PHP file with its console.

@shoaibkk here is the link and a picture of the console.

Thank you for the help :pray:

yes as per your update i think too many redirections also resolved

Have you tried restarting openlitespeed or the server?