Website Can't be accessed via domain:8090 ,it take too long to respond

i installed cyberpanel on Digital Ocean. When i accessed cyberpanel via IP address, it is accessible. But via domain:8090, it takes too long to respond.

Here is website status

This site can’t be reached

domain name took too long to respond.



to trace or troubleshoot trouble when accessing domain. there is many solution but first you can check by simple methode

CMD—> Ping domain name
if domain name reply with your cyberpanel IP then we should trace other things

if not reply then it’s only about the NS or IN A

can you give us your domain name here ?

"ping domain name " Putty respond - Ping comment not found.

i check my cyberpanel IP (in the dashboard) and droplet IP is the same.

DNS Record in droplet:

  1. Digital ocean nameservers
  2. ip address

What is the next process?

putty from same machine ? sure it will respond

this is the start point

go to domain panel check the IN NS or IN A

if you feel ok… you can share domain name here or inbox me.
i will trace the domain NS Record for you