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Hello Everyone!

In an effort for our community to find good quality and affordable VPS/Dedicated servers, we’ve opened a dedicated section where different providers can list their offers. For now, we only have a VPS section, if this runs smoothly we will be having more sections later.

There are some rules that you need to read before you can make a post in offers section.



Title part of the offer must be selected very carefully.

  1. First comes the location, if you offer 2 locations you can enclose it like [US/NL].
  2. Second the company name.
  3. Virtualization type (OpenVZ, KVM)
  4. Cores, Ram and starting Price. (For the minimalistic plan).

Finally, your title will look something like:

[US/NL] CyberPanel - OpenVZ, KVM - 1vCPU - 1GB Ram - $10/Mo

This help people understand what you are offering.


Pricing is the most important part, normally if you are having a plan on your site named VPS1 with a price tag of $10, the offer listed here should lower the price using coupon CyberPanel which brings down the price to $5.

If you offer the discounted price for 3 consecutive months, you can post the company name in the comments below and it will enter in the queue for your offer to be listed alongside all CyberPanel installations. Every week 5 of such offers will be selected from the queue.

Note: You can also offer any other promotion you are running, but the requirements above are to be followed.


Make sure CyberPanel runs smoothly on your infrastructure.

Structure of the offer

  1. 3-4 Unique Lines About Your Company!
  2. Your packages.
  3. Payment Methods.
  4. VPS Technology and Control Panel (If any).
  5. Locations.

VPS Offers Section

Have a good day!

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Please read guidelines.


Edited your post, you can create a new post by following the guidelines.

KernelVPS offering a CyberPanel Exclusive Lifetime Recurring Discount of 10% on Anti-DDOS KVM VPS in Asia.

@SuperValue_Host You need to create a separate thread.


Thanks for sharing. We will post our offer soon. :slight_smile:

Perhaps an open marketplace would be a valuable addition; a place to post paid support availability, requests, etc.