Web interface 503 error

hi there!
i’m running a digitalocean droplet ubuntu 22.04.4, cyberpanel updated to 2.3.5.
the web interface on port 8090 stopped working. i had some problems updating cyberpanel, but now its ok without any errors. I still have 503 error… have tried everything i found on internet, but nothing solves the problem…
i also noticed that i have inside /usr/local/ one CyberPanel folder and another one CyberCP: is it normal?
what can i do to solve this? all the sites are working properly, i think its just the web interface.
thanks a lot

follow this to debug the cyberpanel properly and after enabling logs and cyberpanel debug you will find where is the issue

How to Properly Debug CyberPanel | Troubleshooting CyberPanel – Knowledge Base.

I think has bug with the version 2.3.5 (latest version)
You can restart your server and it will running normal but the next day maybe will error like that again, so you restart your server again. This just help to make your site not down for a long time but not fix the problem.

Just wait their fix the problem, I see on the github, the latest version has an error check.