WatchDog Information?

Hi. I have been unable to find any information on WatchDog, other than how to activate it or kill it. Where could I learn more about it and why I might want to have it running?



Any more details we can read online to understand?

It would be good to get some more clear information about watchdog.

For example: At it says that it only runs on Ubuntu 18.04 but when you do a fresh install of cyberpanel on Centos it asks if you want to install and run watchdog, which is a little confusing.

Watchdog is just a bash script which works for all the supported os made by the developers of cyberpanel, i dont think that site is the official maintainer of the script & its totally different, you can download the official script here and compare

Yep, completely different!

Thanks Numeriku :slight_smile:

The original question still remains unanswered. Where can we find more information about watchdog and why we should install it? I couldn’t find any information via web search.

Came here hoping for the same … info please!?

Why should we consider installing it, and how is it used?

Found this while researching it, but we still don’t know how CP is using it.

Nope, in this case it was just simply monitor LSWS and mariadb process and restart them if they are gone

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@usmannasir @die2mrw007 Can we get an answer on this?

Cyberpanel do not have this yet you have to setup menuly

Pretty sure when you install cyberpanel you are asked do you want whatchdog installed.

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When you last time try to install fresh cyberpanel ?

@nick.chomey This is added to CyberPanel by @qtwrk. He answered above as to what it does, do you need more info?

how to start/stop/see what “watchdog” do… ?
ubuntu 20.04 LTS +OLS here
because i put answer YES when i install cyberpanel

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I didn’t realize that was the case. I’ve marked their response as the solution to this thread.