Vultr closed my mailing ports without warning

My ports got closed this morning with out any warning. I have never send any spam, marketing/mass mail.
My IP not listed on any blacklist, what can be reason they decide do that?

vultr closing port ? that was new … my vps still open at vultr maybe one of your client ? sent them ticket

This account I have 2 VPS only one have mail server and that server is my own personal one with 4 site.
I’m 100% control of those sites and 100% sure zero spam have been send.

For clients who want run mail server I wont use my personal Vultr account for this reason.

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jj… i hope my cwp will be fine… i will install cwp at other datacenter just for preparation :frowning:

thankyou for the info

The only way that you are going to get an answer to this is to reach out to Vulr support and ask them, if you can explain your use case and show that there is no spam originating from your IP then they will normally reopen the ports for you without much problem.

That’s what I did 6h ago but painfully slow answering for tickets.
I told on ticket my use case and added link and screenshot of IP blocklist where can see no any listings.
What else proof I can provide for them?

that is a bad news for me, if vultr put new tos about sending mail
i must use external smtp server :frowning:
… vultr is nearest dc from my country that have good performa for international visitor :frowning:

They answered ticket and told there haven’t been not any blocks on my account and mails start to work same time :thinking:

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thats why my vps still running on all port…

simple question:
have you scan all open port on your server ?

No just did port lookup for mail ports

and the mail is closed ? but vultr said they do nothing about that port :frowning:
no idea

Those are open now.
But morning was closed. I even reboot server and disabled firewall when tested.

who else can do this except datacenter

great to know your 25 is back

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