Virtual Host Directory already exists. [404]

One of my domain reached its disk quota limit. And the site showing 505 error. I modified the package but it had no result. I tried to delete the website from cyberpanel and deleted the virtual host.

Now the directory of the domain remain in my server and can’t delete the folder, even I can’t change user:group.

I tried so many thing rm -rf and chown and lsof

nothing worked for me. Can anyone help me to sort this out, I want to add that domain again.

rm -rf code when executed what it shown? Any error message?

[root@root public_html]# rm -rf index.php
rm: cannot remove ‘index.php’: Operation not permitted

If possible, PM me temporary login for me to check the same and find the cause of this issue.

Please check your inbox. credentials sent.


If you face this issue again,

Login to SSH as root and

Navigate to /home/ folder by

cd /home/

Then, execute this command to remove the domain directory (change to your domain name including the tld)

rm -rf


Thank you so much for your time.

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I’m having the same problem, however, when trying this command I get the following message: (I changed the domain name to

rm: cannot remove '': Operation not permitted
rm: cannot remove '': Operation not permitted

sudo rm -rf

It’s a little scary to have mention it… be careful.

I am a Root user, I have sudo permission.

oh then it’s probably chattr, chattr -R -i

edit : I didn’t even notice the ‘chattr -R +i /home/%s/’ in, very sneaky.