UTF-8 filenames corrupted when unzipping/untarring from file manager

Hello dear community,

I have came across to an issue that I tried to solve but didnt find a stable solution.

When uncompressing archives from file manager, any files that are named with different characters than latin, get corrupted. On top of that, inside the files, any non-latin (UTF-8) strings get altered also. For example, if the filename is “τεστ.jpg”, it changes to “τστ.jpg”. And for php files, if they contain a string like “Ακρόπολη και Παρθενώνας”, ends up like “Ακρπολη κα Πρθενώνς” after the extraction.

It is tested on various Cyberpanel versions, (2.3.1, 2.3.2, 2.3.3) and on various OSs (CentOS7, Ubuntu20, Alma8).

The funny thing is that if you just uncompress them with “tar -xgzvp” they work just fine and the names or strings do not change. So the problem is only isloated to the File Manager “uncompress” function.

I have tried playing with Server locale and DB collations, they are both correct and do not play any role in this (if I am not wrong, since “tar” works great).

Anyone has any ideas or suggestions about this? Thanks in advance.

PS. Cyberpanel is just great and we use it for years happily, this is just a friendly mention, rather than a bug.

these special characters not work so better to do unzin and change files name accordingly