Using an alternative CA for SSL


I wish to use another CA than Let’s Encrypt. I have looked at Buypass, but I can not find any documentation on how to add another CA to Cyberpanel.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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I’d alike to know that too.
Also how I can choose to self sign SSL per domain or subdomain
All Let’s Encrypt traffic is decrypted by google etc

I figured this out by myself.

You can use the DNS challenge instead of the HTTP challenge. You can find the documentation in Buypass’s community. The forum won’t let me post a link. :roll_eyes:

You need to create a TXT record for each domain. During the process, you will get the value for the TXT record.

Once you get the certificate, you must manually configure the virtual host in OpenLiteSpeed Webadmin.

It is a hassle, and it would be nice if CyberPanel could use something other than Let’s Encrypt.