users, domains reseller and ACL.. how its works??

Hello guys

I´m using cyberpanel since few months.
I can´t understand something.

example :
I´ve created a new user : user1 and add a domain name for that user (assigning 1 domain to that user)

all works perfect.

Now…the panel have these parts :

By default it have 3 ACL : admin, user and reseller
I added a new one called “resell” (with the possibility to add websites)
I added a new package called : “resell” assigning space and 10 websites

Now i enter as User1 and I have the menu to add websites (of course, because now appareas with the ACL “resell”)

I can add, edit or delete packages (perfect too)

When i want to create a new site under this user, i can´t because the user have assigned 1 domain (and not 10)

My question briefly is :

When we “modify users” the form allow us to modify name, email ACL and password, but not appears in any place some dropdown to choose for that user a different package

How we do to assign different package to an existing user??