Username schema question

I’m currently with scala using spanel and all of these things use the same username. I am testing cyberpanel to move to my self-managed server. I’m noticing the non-familiar username schema in cyberpanel. I use scripts and standard processes to work with a standard username for directories, SSH user, db names, and FTP username.

  1. Home directory created as website name instead of username

POTENTIAL WORKAROUND: Create website name like username.cp >>> CREATES ISSUE: child-domain email address appears to still be broken

  1. CP username is not synced to OS username

POTENTIAL WORKAROUND: Create username alias in OS >>> CREATES ISSUE: additional username home directory created for alias

  1. DB username creates 4 character prefix instead of username


  1. FTP username: prefix of CP username


Please let me know if you have ideas of how to unify username across these four things: directory, SSH username, DB prefix, FTP username.

Thank you!