User quota for cyberpanel +open lightspeed

Can we apply user quotas for this?

You can create and apply pakages to dierent sites. Also you can use conteinerization limits option. Have any else idea about user quotas?

Centos-web panel has user limits, cgroups etc. Pretty handy stuff. Cyberpanel should have this kind of thing?
Isn’t libgroups installed by default on centos 7?

We have this feature, buts its for CyberPanel Enterprise only. More details → 1 - Introduction to Containerization (Website Limits) - CyberPanel

So can we just use php to limit resource usage? In apache we can set website memory, number of workers etc.
Can’t thus be also done in litespeed without cgroups?

OpenLiteSpeed has everything that you have mentioned above, you just need to spend some time reading the documentation Get OpenLiteSpeed Help with the Knowledge Base • OpenLiteSpeed

Containerization tab on the left navigation is present in free (not Enterprise) version of CyberPanel. If clicked on, it directs you to Enterprise license expired notification.

Is it possible to remove this tab in next release?

It would be nice if you’d allow this feature in the free version as well