User listing Error

My user list won’t display the users registered.
“Could not connect to server, please refresh this page.”

If I try to make a new user with same username as the username before error, it says “user exists”
How to solve that…? I’m currently using the newest version. Thanks

Please update cyberpanel and try

I’m currently using the newest version, btw.

Try to update cyberpanel using this command

sudo su -

Update command:

sh <(curl || wget -O -

You can edit the users by logging into phpmyadmin and selecting database “cyberpanel” and under table name ‘e_users’ too

It doesnt matter if you are using latest version. Some database corruption may happen over any improper usage pattern and to fix any such issues, re-updating the cyberpanel files will fix the issues.

I have already try to re-upgrading the cyberpanel version, but it still get the error.
When I check on DB using phpmyadmin, it still have 4 users. But the list in cyberpanel dashboard didn’t show anything and get the error.

Are you able to create any new user with different name and do they show in the list?

I can create new user, and it appear in the table along with the previous user.
But the user listing in dashboard still didn’t show anything but error " Error! Could not connect to server, please refresh this page."

Since when it is happening? Have you changed anything and since then its not working?

Because there is no such bug in the system currently and this issue is only limited to you in your use case. You need to debug and check your server logs to identify the issue and then fix it.

I have tried it on all my servers with cyberpanel and it works perfectly fine in all the setups.

How to debug this issue…?
I open the mainlog, it only show error while failed to create new user.

any more information you can see in the logs?

This is the three last error logs:
[02.10.2022_05-00-12] [Errno 111] Connection refused
[02.10.2022_05-00-12] [IncScheduler:193:checkDiskUsage] Administrator matching query does not exist…
[02.10.2022_06-52-42] (1396, “Operation CREATE USER failed for ‘ppah’@‘localhost’”) [addUserToDB:937]

Before these, only log from my sites and email.