Use self signed certificate instead of let' encrypt

Can I use self signed certificate as default instead of let’s encrypt.
Because I use cloud flare ssl, and let’s enctypt is not necessary, but still need the website to support ssl.

You can but with SSL you have traffic between cloudflare and server secured.


Thank you, I used cloudflare ssl in flexible mode.

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i use Cloudflare but only for ssl and dns management
then i click pause :slight_smile:

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Currently, for domain alias it doesn’t work.
if you add domain alias to your website without selecting ssl option, and try to access it with https, you will receive 404 error page, that why you need to setup ssl certificate (let’s encrypt) and then use Cloudflare certificate on top of it.
I hope there is an option to disable let’s encrypt and use self-generated certificates by default.
why? It is faster, not needed, also auto-renewal consume resourced for heavy servers which not needed.