Use PHP 8.3 width CyberPanel

I have updated CyberPanel to the latest version, specifically as follows: version 2.3, build 5, latest commit: 121e848a3d3d0d2dd69fd9bffdcb45d4affbf2e9
But currently in the list I only see php 8.2 and not php 8.3. So, I want to use php 8.3, what should I do?

Thank you!

Install php through system package manager and CyberPanel will detect it.

I do not understand. Can you give more detailed step-by-step instructions? Thank you!

your operating system?

I am using Ubuntu 22.04 64bit operating system.


apt-get purge lsphp83
apt-get install lsphp83*

After I ran the above 2 commands one after another, the problem was resolved. Thanks you very much.

I ran the command below but the php 8.3 extension in CyberPanel does not have memcache causing my website to error.

sudo apt install php8.3-memcached

Help me. Thanks you!