This feature is not going to benefit for small reseller hosting provider because of below logic issue -


Hosting companies having much work so they do not check each day what plan reseller create and then they apply cloud Linux package on it.

Feature request - Like another panel

Reseller center allows to manager resellers resource like website limit, email limits, bandwidth etc. It also shows the usage of each reseller.

Without reseller plan how to use cloudlinux is something not clear.

I am confused. Do you want re sellers to have ability to create and manage CloudLinux Packages?

No. Lets assume - We are selling 2 packages as reseller customer to further reseller individual hosting accounts or consume itself.

Now l am not getting the option to create a reseller plan like 50 GB space, 50 Domain, unlimited subdomain, and other resources.

Now, the reseller can create their own plans to sell or consume resources. So they create Plan 1, Plan 2, Plan 3, etc

Now, How to apply Cloudlinux packages so that admin make sure he got the benefit of cloudlinux?

I am not able to implement this because a reseller can add/remove his own plans at any time. How admin monitors each new plan and apply cloud Linux packages on it.

Its better apply plan on the reseller and under all reseller plan come under it by default.

In short, if CloudLinux OS is detected and whenever anyone creates a package a corresponding default CloudLinux package should be created?


For more ease as per me, If we have reseller center where we create a plan for reseller and assign -RESELLER PLAN to the user. No matter what that user define it auto-assign CloudLinux package of that reseller to all the plan created by that user. That’s it.

If required only admin and make modification on it. We should also try to limit CloudLinux Packages for clear maintenance :slight_smile:

Again confused. :slight_smile:

This pain is only understood my user like me ( small reseller hosting provider ) :slight_smile:

I share details again.

I understood what he said

What he wants to say (so do I):

Cloud Linux has indeed a CageFS with a default configurable package for every new package created (they get those limits by default, as per default package limit).

But if ADMIN (panel owner) wanted to adjust them and fix resources… It needs to be done 1 by 1 when users creates them, only to see his work washed out as they delete a package or more every other day.

Therefore… It would be reasonable that packages available should be created from upper levels, and reserllers should also be able to control CloudLinux LVE manager from its own packages (and customers/users under his wing).

But if not LVE Managing, at least that Upper levels created packages to be accesible from his own users.