Use mail server for many domain

Is it possible use mail server to serve, etc… by setting mail server DNS records pointing
So it work similar style like SMTP mail providers. Now when I set every domain separate mail domain, I get complain on tester about reverse dns not matching with domain.

You should maintain 1 domain/subdomain for mailserver
for example

Now make sure you add this in your reverse DNS section (mostly handled by your server provider).

Then issue mailserver SSL for this

Thats it.

Now all other domains where you need mail access, can either use or as smtp mail server address.

How I set DNS in cloudflare for other domains?

just as your subdomain with A record pointing to your server IP
MX record to
Issue SSL for this from "Websites > List domains > select “issue SSL” option for
Thats it.

Are I’m doing something wrong here? I can receive but not send with what I used set mail server works fine.

Seems wrong to me.

Let me explain once again. Keep one subdomain reserved for your mailserver. Lets take as example.
So, first of all go to the DNS of and then add an A record for

Add this in the reverse DNS field of your server. (hosting side option and not cyberpanel related)

Issue mailserver SSL by going to "SSL > Mailserver SSL and select (confirm whether a valid ssl was issued)

Then any domain you add in cyberpanel, just select mail subdomain option while creating it. and in its DNS records, just add its own DNS values and not

For example, the domain you added is
then its DNS records should have MX record with name and value as
And add A record for
Issue SSL for

Thats all you need to do.

This what I tried very first time but when check mail score it’s complaining reverse DNS not matching. Because rDNS point to not For I get 10/10 score but not because rDNS.

This part if not created mail subdomain while creation can I just make one manually or it need to made while creating site? I have now bunch of site what I made with out creating mail subdomain and try get mail working.

I was keep adding mail server SSL on all domains…

Is this solved? Mails working fine now?

Somewhat working fine just have some issues connect to account to yahoo and MX toolbox complaining DKIM even mail-tester give 10/10

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Cyberpanel generated DKIM not passing all test. So I used online DKIM generator and replaced private key on /etc/opendkim/keys/ and add new DKIM on DNS, now all DKIM test where ever try 100% authenticated.

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