[US] SuperValueHost - KVM - 1vCPU - 1GB Ram - $9.99/Mo

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1、About us:
Supervalue Host is committed to providing users with stable and fast high-quality virtual host, currently provides SSD/HDD KVM, Free Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Virtualizor Licence and so on, inexpensive is our pursuit.

We provide free web hosting, paid web hosting prices from $0.79;
We also provide KVM, 1vCPU / 1G RAM / 50G HDD / 1G Port prices from $4.48;

3、Payment Methods:
At present we accept PayPal, the future may accept Alipay;

4、VPS Technology andControl Panel
We mainly use KVM, our memory is never oversold.
At present we have implement the automatic opening of webuzo, plesk, cpanel, webmin, interworx, ispconfig, CentOS Web Panel, next may be the cyberpanel;


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