[US/NL/DE/UK/SN] VACloudHub - UpCloud - 1vCPU - 1GB Ram - 25GB Storage - 1TB Bandwidth - $7.99/Mo

VACloudHub operates under Smart IT Consulting. A Bulgarian company registered under Bulgarian law with VAT. As a startup, we are aiming at offering a complete self-hosting experience. Using UpCloud’s machines as basis, we update them and install packages, which ease the administration. For OS we use CentOS 7. On top we install CyberPanel. All is done automatically and takes approximately 30 minutes.

We have 6 packages available. All on monthly subscriptions. Each can be set in one of the offered locations:

[Micro VPS] - $7.99
1 Core
1 GB Memory
25 GB Storage
1 TB Bandwidth

[Mini VPS] - $15.99
1 Core
2 GB Memory
50 GB Storage
2 TB Bandwidth

[Standard VPS] - $31.99
2 Cores
4 GB Memory
80 GB Storage
4 TB Bandwidth

[Pro VPS] - $61.99
4 Cores
8 GB Memory
160 GB Storage
5 TB Bandwidth

[Elite VPS] - $123.99
6 Cores
16 GB Memory
320 GB Storage
6 TB Bandwidth

[Premium VPS] - $247.99
8 Cores
32 GB Memory
640 GB Storage
7 TB Bandwidth

We accept PayPal and Credit/Debit cards as payment methods.

More about what is installed on our VPS can be found here:

Locations are:
DE - Fraknfurt
UK - London
NL - Amsterdam
SN - Singapore
US - Chicago
US - San Jose

As UpCloud recently introduced US - New York, we will offer it as well in the near future. We also plan on introducing support soon. In the meantime, you can contact us here or from our contact form:

Have a great day!