i have already do all backup restore option.

Master is sleeping so no help seems available, i am currently having the same issue too.


The server where you are trying to restore the backup, does it have the database and DNS records created already? If so, can you delete those records and then try to restore the backup and see if it works?

this is the same case that we talk on PM. from old to new
one of error from backup restore methode

as you can see at new server/target (the screenshoot) already hosted some my personal site
but add and migrated from old server manually (zip publichtml and export sql)

waiting for your result. bro

Is this issue solved?

yes solved.

I Dont Know what happen…

when i try to deploy new vps
with same datacenter, same specs, same config, and i use same password

the backup restore is working.

still wondering, but… yes this solved

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