Urgent please , my domain load very very very slow

Hello , i’m using cyberpanel more than 1 month now with this vps config :
8core cpu - 30go ram - 800ssd
i have linked my 10 domains to cloudflare then cyberpanel
but the big problem is the response of the server is very very slow
the panel show
CPU usage 60 - 80%
RAM 20%
SSD 5%
please help me !!!

do you install spam assasin ?

try check with htop from cli

thank you but when i can found this ?

no i didn’t instal spam assasin , how can found htop ? i’m just install cyeberpanel & activate the firewell thats all

how you install the cyberpanel ?

htop is an linux command to see the process tree
more like task manager (windows) and top (native linux command)

from here

Loginizer – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

try install this

or you can do this trick like at https://dug.my.id/
if someone access wp-admin it would redirect 301 random post lol

btw: nice spec :smiley: i only run my cyberpanel using 1core and 2GB ram lol
only hosted 3-5 client…

how can i do this , i will install this plugin ,
thank you so much my friend

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i need instal spam assasin or not ?

i hope it will solved . but; it cant guarantee 100%
there is many reason to get high usage

up to you
Spam assasin is only about email…
but it will took some resources of you server too… more email request , more resources

thank you my friend , but the problem not solved , can cloudflare make this problem ?

afaik… no…
try disable all themes and plugin from wp

Have you by any chance installed ElasticSearch module in cyberpanel?

no i didn’t install it , should i install it ? thank you

and check thats right ? why mysql use a lot of cpu ?

Which ubuntu version are you using? and when was the last time you updated cyberpanel?

please check this file and see if log-bin is enabled

ubuntu 18 - last update when i instal cyberpanel may be 3 month ago

Please re-run the upgrade command because there are a lot bug fixes and improvements done by now.

Also check you my.cnf file as mentioned above. There maybe log-bin enabled and hence server using heavy resources to log all the mysql operations

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