Upgrading to OpenLiteSpeed (OLS/OPENLTS) v1.7.16

I have Cyberpanel v2.3 with OpenLitespeed v1.7.15. Now a new version of OLS has been launched which is v1.7.16.
OS: ubuntu 20.0.04 lts

Server Core

  • [Security] Address a few crashes and memory leaks in HTTP/3 implementation
  • [Improvement] Add support for vhost strict ownership validation.
  • [Improvement] Add pagination for long pages generated by auto index.
  • [Bug Fix] Block request header “transfer-encoding: chunked” for HTTP/2 and HTTP/3.
  • [Bug Fix] Correctly handle “next” flag in rewrite rule parser.
  • [Bug Fix] Address a few random crashes.

As it contains a security update, i was wondering if i can safely Upgrade OLS or should wait for the next CyberPanel upgrade?

Question 2
Does cyberpanel install security updates automatically? if not, how to make it do that?

Thank you

Better to wait for the next cyberpanel update.
No you have to run the update script

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Cyberpanel doesnt update anything automatically (For stability purpose). You will need to run the update command each time.

For ubuntu, you can run these commands for update

This command will list all the available updates if any

sudo apt update

This command will actually download and install the updates if any

sudo apt upgrade
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Thank you. I just checked and it appears that my system automatically installed the security package with unattended-updates.

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