Upgrading Cyberpanel to 2.3.3-dev

sh <(curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/usmannasir/cyberpanel/v2.3.3-dev/cyberpanel_upgrade.sh || wget -O - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/usmannasir/cyberpanel/v2.3.3-dev/cyberpanel_upgrade.sh)

this is the command I am trying to upgrade my cyber panel to v2.3.3-dev, but it shows 2.3 in version management.

Use commands in the same sequence

  1. rm -rf /cyberpanel.sh
  2. wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/usmannasir/cyberpanel/v.2.3.3-dev/cyberpanel_upgrade.sh
  3. chmod +x cyberpanel_upgrade.sh
  4. ./cyberpanel_upgrade.sh
    when asked for verion add 2.3.3-dev