Upgrade MariaDB version 10.3 to maintained version of MariaDB

Installing CyberPanel on ubuntu 20.04 will install MariaDB version 10.3.
This is an old version, and will stop being maintained shortly.
Even plesk installs version 10.6.
Version 10.3 breaks my project because of missing sql functions such as JSON_ARRAYAGG()
What do you think?

Happy New Year @Jabberwock

See this

Yeah, I’ve successfully upgraded using these instructions.
But I think it’s best that by default version 10.6 will be installed.

Should I convert this to a feature request ?

Sure. Appreciated

In coming version will be there

10.11 is the latest LTS version. Might as well set that to the default. It’s simple to do with the Cyberpanel install script - just add the repo with 10.11 as the version. Then when cyberpanel script does apt install mariadb, it’ll just install 10.11 rather than the OS default (10.03 for 20.04, 10.06 for 22.04) - no need for anyone to mess with the upgrade process.

Any news on this ??

any update on this?

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I’m getting a warning on WordPress about old MariaDB. i see people complaining since 2021 , any update about this issue ?

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I am getting errors on WP websites about db version. Any update or “official” guide from stuff of cyberpanel on how to upgrade the db version?

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