Updating curl to the latest version? No solid answers on this forum or online

I am trying to resolve the annoying REST API / cURL error:28 issue in my Wordpress install. I have asked several times about this but have not found anything solid on here or online. I would not like to do anything that would ruin my server and I am fully up to date on CentOS 7/ LS and WP.

Is there anyone who is prepared to help with this? It does seem odd that CP is not using the most recent versions of cURL? @usmannasir

Many thanks

this is cyberpanel forum
and your problem are related to:

  1. wordpress plugin/firewall
  2. your server update
  3. your hosting provider.

you will never get solid answer about how to make delicious steak when you ask to the farmer…

lol this has nothing to do with curl and updating curl not gonna make any difference whatsoever.

Well thanks for those responses. Thats very helpful…:rofl:

I have tried most recommended advice about this issue. Maybe I’ll ask the chef next time.

well again, you don’t post any logs or .htaccess or any information of value.

All we can tell you is curl is installed, it’s working, and a new version wouldn’t make any difference.

But hey, if you don’t believe us, you can update curl : curl - Download

It has nothing to do with cyberpanel but your server instead I believe.

Cyberpanel installs curl without defining the version, so it will install the latest version available from your OS repos.

Almalinux 8.6:

That’s the max version on the official repo.

If you want 7.84.0, follow that link to install the repo from Paul Howarth.

But, it shouldn’t be the cause of your rest API error.

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Thank you for your much more helpful answer @tmoore. This will help me get a little further forward

@entoutcas If a htacess would have been more helpful you should have asked. Not everyone asking for a little help is an expert server admin.

It’s written in plain english in the last line “custom rules have been added to your .htaccess file”, like which custom rules? It’s pretty common for the wordpress rest-api to be blocked by plugins for security reasons, it’s hard to protect an API from brute force attacks. If it was a cURL error, it would have been cURL not found, not cURL timed out after 10001 milliseconds.

But hey, I did answer the original question of how to update curl with a link. If you don’t know why an error happens, just send the error.