updates to various applications on server

Is there a place from cyberpanel where i can run day to day updates to the various applications on the server?

Ie lightspeed, php, pureftp (or whatever ftp it uses), fail2ban, etc

Or do we have to perform all these kinds of updates from command line?

For now it is from command line.

so what exactly do we type in the command line? Do i have to update lightspeed, pureftpd, postfix, powerdns etc all individually by manually entering on command line, or can i just type “yum -y udpate”?
If i type yum check-update, it also returns

“12 packages excluded due to repository priority protections”

what does this mean?

in reading about this kind of thing on stackexchange yum - What does that mean: packages excluded due to repository priority protections - Server Fault

Should i edit /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/priorities.conf and make the change as suggested?

I also have same issue. Cyberpanel has 7.29.0 of cURL installed. This version is known to have security issues. I can’t update by yum as message shown “12 packages excluded due to repository priority protections” , and I assume I should not update cURL manually which may destroy integrity of Cyberpanel.


  1. If it’s ok to force update cURL, show the instruction.
  2. If it’s NOT ok, when do you update cURL module with Cyberpanel?