Updated to 18.3 and server won't boot

  1. I ran a yum update and then updated to 18.3 using commands:

rm -f upgrade.py
wget http://cyberpanel.net/upgrade.py
python upgrade.py

  1. On reload of Cyberpanel Version Page, Firefox threw up an SSL cert error, so I allowed the self-signed cert and proceeded.
  2. Then I went to SSL for Host and issued new SSL for the panel hostname.
  3. Then the Cyberpanel Interface wouldn’t load in the browser.
  4. Did a SSH reboot and then server wouldn’t ping
  5. Now I can only boot the server into rescue mode.

Could anyone please suggest what I can do to get the server back online?

After issuing hostname SSL, you can bring CyberPanel back online (in case it goes down) with systemctl restart lscpd

However, if you can’t boot your VPS, you need to contact your provider. yum update might have broken some things for you, but you need to contact your provider.

I can boot the server to a rescue OS linux OS (it’s a dedicated server with OVH). How can I get to issue the command “systemctl restart lscpd” ? OVH, the hosting provider, don’t offer much support apart from hardware problems.


You can contact support https://platform.cyberpanel.net. Please note that this is out of the scope of our support, there might be a charge.