Updated Staging/Cloning YouTube tutorial please

Continuing the discussion from WordPress Staging Feature:

This was good in 2021, but I see it has generated some questions, and the above few screen grabs don’t really explain everything. There is nothing on the Youtube channel.

If @usmannasir or someone @ Cyberpanel team could do a quick YouTube tutorial on setting staging up, entering the fields, checking the site, showing the DNS options, and finally copy or sync site to Master, it would make a great pinned post. TIA.

Noted will pass on to check and see what is possibility for this BTW if you want to create on your own we will share it from our social channels.

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I will consider learning how to do tutorials, once I fully understand your platform.
Staging has barely been covered, and yet I think it could be a much more powerful feature. All I can find is HERE and it skips steps. I did find this and it looks to be more comprehensive HERE DO you recommend it?