Update Failed: Could not create directory. on Wordpress

Hellow I have an issue that’s i Cannot update plugin on one of my site. Other site is fine but this one not.

I have click “Fix Premission” on file manager, but not work.
I have change premission on wp-content to 755 but not work at all.

How to fix it…? Thanks.
Im sorry, because i still learn about server.

what is output of ls -la /home/domain.com/public_html

It looks already like this: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

But the problem was solved, with change the ownership from “ardanwe” (my web username) to “nobody” whit a command: chown -R nobody /home/mysite/public_html

and it Works like a charm…! But is it secure…? Thanks.

Ohh… Another issue that I found. Users from the web that have problems do not exist when checked using: ps aux | egrep ‘(lsphp | httpd)’.

Websites that have a username there can upload images, update and upload plugins normally. But the web that is not listed username can not, so it needs to change ownership to nobody.

That’s why …? Is it safe to change all ownership of the problematic website to nobody by using the command: chown -R nobody /home/mysite/public_html

Server runs as nobody user, but your PHP processes run as ardanwe, so all these files should be owned by ardanwe.