Unit cyberpanel.service could not be found. Cyberpanel admin panel cannot access

I was installing CSF to CyberPanel and it ask me to refresh the page, after I refresh the whole panel was inaccessible. Whenever I try to connect to the panel, it shows server took too long to respond.

I restarted server a few times and it didn’t work out, I do systemctl status Cyberpanel and it throw
Unit cyberpanel.service could not be found.. However other website hosted at the server still work as normally (including LiteSpeed panel and RainLoop), just the admin panel.

After refresh you saying the panel was inaccessible. Please let us know the error code or details it shown in browser for this inaccessibility.
Secondly, have you by any chance changed the default port 8090 to something else? If so, you will need to add the new port to the csf firewall whitelist otherwise your panel wont be accessible.

Now what you can do here is stop CSF firewall and then make the required changes in whitelisting the new port number and also any settings you may have done in CSF and then enable it back.

To stop CSF, use either of these commands in SSH (depending on your OS):

  1. csf -x
  2. systemctl stop firewalld
  3. systemctl disable {csf,lfd} OR
    systemctl disable csf
    systemctl disable lfd
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