Uninstalling cyberpanel


I have been trying for two days to undo the installation of Cyberpanel but I have not been able to do it, nothing in the docs talks about uninstalling, just upgrade.

Please how do I uninstall the CYBERPANEL and its associated services or apps?

You need to reinstall OS to uninstall CYberPAnel

Thank you for the reply Hassan, I have more questions/issue.

I am using Nginx with ssl as a reverse proxy for my web server which runs Apache to serve my website. I want to configure a proxy for LiteSpeed to listen on a port behind my reverse proxy server, but, I can’t find the configuration files. Any idea on how that can be done.

Secondly, after configuring Litespeed and Cyberpanel, I can’t receive or send out emails. And checking my mx record shows nothing. Any idea on how to troubleshoot that?

Thanks in advance.

here is a guide please check