Unattended installer.sh installation


installer.sh prompts user doing the installation twice. Once for number of databases and second for version of mariadb.

Can we include an option to pass these values as arguments to add this script to our automation?

I have tried using pexpect to handle this without success. I catches the line in expect but for some reason im unable to sendline without pexpect timing out.



install.sh is a wrapper around the original python installation script. For the OpenLiteSpeed version, you can run un-attended installation using

wget https://cyberpanel.net/install.tar.gz
tar zxf install.tar.gz
cd install
python install.py IP Address

For CyberPanel Ent

wget https://cyberpanel.net/install-ent.tar.gz
tar zxf install-ent.tar.gz
cd install
python install.py IP Address --serial Serial Key

But then you have to disable SELinux later.