Unable to utilize IMAP Protocol, while POP3 works

Current Version: 2.3
Build: 3
Latest Version:2.3
Latest Build: 4

Ubunto 20.0.4

I am able to login and utilize email’s via POP3 without issue, however my client refuses to connect to my email server via the IMAP protocol.

I’ve done some minor looking-around within dovecot and I’ve done a lot of looking around within Cyberpanel’s webpage, but can’t seem to find an error or an option.

Any input on where to look next, or maybe any guides I could use to further my research?

Welcome @2inDigital Happy you are here

What errors do you get on your email client ? Post a screenshot if thats easier

I appreciate the warm welcome, it has been… interesting getting Cyberpanel to work nicely with the multitude of different sites I am trying to host. A wodnerful learning experience so far.

Thunderbird pulls up IMAP with STARTTTLS as an available configuration, as well as POP3 with STARTTLS, and will login with POP3, but when attempting to login via IMAP the client get’s caught at this step “Mail for user@domain.com: Sending login information…” and simply hangs here; The UI shows “Checking password…” and simply never changes, exact same user/pass works on POP3.

No specific error is provided.

Go to https://SERVER_URL:8090/snappymail?admin and click Domains on left sidebar. See if the headers changes color to green or red with errors ?

Test everything post a screenshot of your tests

If you cannot get the snappymail admin password get it here /usr/local/lscp/cyberpanel/rainloop/data/_data_/_default_/admin_password.txt

Another issue I’ve been having, how can I go about either resetting, or otherwise regenerating the admin password?

Which admin password ?

The admin password for snappymail, that file has been deleted and no longer exists.

EDIT - This solution allowed me to reset the password

EDIT - this is the screenshot, the error is “Cannot enable STARTTLS.”, and it only happens when I “Require verification of SSL certificate”; Not using that does allow it to move forward and gives me all greens.

EDIT - Following this gave me the green light on everything, but is it… secure? Excuse my lack of general knowledge surrounding this, but I’m not sure the specific differences between them all, but it feels like this is a cop-out with little to no security as a fix. new image

Even this causes thunderbird to hang while attempting to connect however, albeit at a different stage of connection it would appear. very interesting…

EDIT - image another test using SSL/Require verification… again, not requiring it yields green lights.

Looking foward to some assistance trying to conquer this.

Wow. What happened ? Did you try to install snappymail by yourself

I had changed it and after a period of time forgotton it, thankfully the guide I followed/linked did reset it.

Just silly new user that likes to push to many buttons type mistakes.

Any further idea’s as to why I’m recieving these particular errors and how I might solve the issue with IMAP?

Any further idea’s as to why I’m recieving these particular errors and how I might solve the issue with IMAP?

Post the mailserver domain here or any domain that users your mailserver to diagnose. Or PM to my inbox

EDIT - I figured it out, I did not properly issue an SSL certificate within this screen. I appreciate all your assistance with this problem I’ve had.

Once issued, I was able to login via IMAP

Much appreciated the help from Joseph, he played a pivotal role in troubleshooting.

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