Unable to upload more than 2MB in PHP

I’m having a problem when I upload a file more than 2MB, error occurs even though I have configured php version 8.1
I hope you guys can help

cyberpsnel version 2.3

Login to CyberPanel and go to PHP > Edit PHP Configs > Select PHP 8.1.

After that change the value upload_max_filesize and post_max_size. After that hit the restart PHP button.
Now done.

not working bro

For some reason cyberpanel uses php 7.4 (in version I’, currently using).
So I had to edit PHP 7.4 limits to be able to upload bigger files to phpmyadmin, regardless of the php version the site has (8.1 in my case)

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it seems that in the php config when it is saved and restarted php is not updated