Unable to Install my Website Scripts

Hello there, Sir i was cPanel user, everything work fine there, but after my migration to cyberpanel I facing some issues, cyberpanel was suggest my friends, and I really satisfied with it, Can Cyberpanel give me support to install my 2 scripts on cyberpanel hosting, I will pay for it. Thanks

this is the time to summon @die2mrw007 @usmannasir


What kind of script is it? You need not have to pay for it. If the script is not complicated and doesnt require much time to get it installed and make things work, I can do it for you.

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Hi there, Thanks sooo much, you are really good men,

one Application:

I installed it on cPanel very easy, But when I installing on CyberPanel, Auto Database import was not done, script stopped when start to import data in the database.

2nd script:

Rewrite error, after script install can’t access login page or dashboard.


You were using cpanel in a shared hosting or in VPS server?

Sir i using VPS server with CyberPanel

I was asking about the cPanel server bro. You said these scripts were running fine with cPanel. So, was that cPanel server you were using a shared hosting or VPS ?

The reason I am asking for this is, mostly cPanel on shared hosting are configured well by the hosting companies with hosting standards.

If you can provide me the script files, I will check and guide you how to install it successfully. There must be some configuration you might be missing to do.