Unable to delete folder under public_html

I have cyber panel latest version:
Current Version:2.3
Current Commit:7e18b8688c61266566d7d401c845701888b08a32

I am not able to delete any folder under public_html. When I try to delete the folder it says successfully deleted but nothing happens. I can try to go to the console and do that manualy but this should not be happening at first place and I want to find a soution before doing that if there is any.

Really appreciate anybodys help.

Welcome @rishinhr Happy you are here

Which server os is this ?

Ubuntu 20.04

Run upgrade script once and try again

Also try fix permissions on file manager

Fixed the permission and updated as well. Still not able to delete. Now the website is giving error 500.

Run this command in terminal and post the result

ls -l /home/myfaultydomain/public_html

click on fix permissions and then try to delete