Unable to create the database

Hello members, I am the admin.
But I am unable to create the database when selecting the domain nothing appears what is the problem
Please help me in solving my issue.

Hello @leadership

Have you tried to run upgrade script to see if issue goes away ?

I have the same problem and I upgraded without solving the problem when choosing the domain nothing appears as in the picture

Is there any solution for that problem

any help please
I updated the server and also the motherboard and the situation is the same
I also installed the board on a new vps server and the problem is the same

Which os is this ?

centos7 64

os is this centos7 64

For this Os I cannot be of much help. You will need to use centos 8 or AlmaLinux 8.3 - 8.4 or ubuntu 20.04 I personally recommend those as I have not seen any issues.

Does this mean that I should change the distribution system? If so, how can I keep a backup of the panel and websites until I set up a new system?

You have this option 3 - Restore backups from Remote Destination only for such a usecase