Unable to Create Database

Hi members, I added a custom user (not root) on the cyberpanel and deactivated the default “admin” user, now I am trying to make a database for my PHP website but It is not showing me any option to move forward after selecting my domain, however, If I am installing Wordpress, it is automatically making the database but I need database for my PHP Website. I am attaching the screenshot of page where it gets stucked.

Please help me in solving my issue.

Give that user permission to create databases, or create new site and myphpadmin drop all table you have new database. Only if you create new site might be annoying have unused site on menu and might be bit confusing.

Do not deactivate admin user because many permission level things are attached. You can create alternative admin user with different username.

Now coming to your point, while creating new user the new user must have a domain attached (this is mandatory in all the panels available, be it cPanel , Directadmin or any panel including cyberpanel). Then the user has permission level to create new domains,addon domains, etc under its privileges but at the back it will append to the original domain it is linked to (thats a technical part on the working of the user level)

To cut short, the solution is to create new user (basic user privileges) from within your admin or admin level user account. Attach a domain to this new user.

Then try to create new domain or subdomain you wish under this new user and then you can successfully have the database too created for domains under this new user.